Wadle Galleries is Permanently Closed


In 1981 Albert Wadle bought the Blair Gallery, which he renamed the Wadle Galleries. This was the gallery's website for a number of years.
The content is from the site's archived pages and other sources, providing a glimpse of some of the artists that were represented over the years.
The Wadle Galleries Ltd is permanently closed.



Gallery owner Albert Wadle died Monday at 84.


Tom Sharpe The New Mexican Nov 13, 2012

Albert Wadle, a stockbroker who became an art dealer and philanthropist after moving to Santa Fe more than 30 years ago, died from a stroke Monday, Nov. 12, at age 84.

“I’ve found the secret to eternal life,” he said in a 1999 video for the Santa Fe Community Foundation. “By giving to an endowment, you and our good deeds will live forever.”

Born in Union, N.J., to German immigrant parents, Wadle grew up in a tenement. His mother died when he was 9. His father advised him, “Whenever you do anything in your life, you do it right or don’t do it at all.”

Wadle joined the U.S. Navy in 1946 and served on an aircraft carrier in the South Pacific. Later, on the GI Bill, he attended Bucknell University, where he received a degree in economics.

He worked as a personnel manager for Union Carbide Corp., in Niagara Falls, N.Y., where he met the woman he would marry, Alice. They moved to Florida, where he began his career in the securities business, becoming a supervisor with Smith Barney, first in Florida and later in Dallas.

When he first visited Santa Fe on a business trip, he told Alice, “I’ve found paradise.” For more than a decade, the couple divided their time between Santa Fe and Scottsdale, Ariz., before moving to Santa Fe in 1981 to buy the Blair Gallery, which he renamed the Wadle Galleries.

Irby Brown, a landscape painter whose work is carried by the gallery, said he first met Wadle in Dallas after Wadle purchased some of his work in New Mexico and Alice took classes from him.

“His wife was an artist and, as a matter of fact, he was a pretty good painter himself,” Brown said. “So he was doing what he loved and he was very successful at it. … He was a very honest man. When I sold a painting, the next day I got paid for it — which is unusual these days in working with galleries.”

Bill Keller of the Santa Fe Community Foundation recalled that Wadle attended one of the foundation’s board meetings soon after arriving in Santa Fe.

“We were having trouble,” Keller said. “He said, ‘You guys aren’t thinking big enough.’ He gave us a lecture even though he wasn’t a member of the board. He told us what to do. Shortly after, we elected him to the board.”

Under Wadle’s guidance, the foundation also formed the Circle of Care to support health care and the Dropout Prevention Fund for education, and held an art fest annually at his gallery to benefit the foundation.

Wadle also helped support the Heart and Soul Animal Sanctuary and quietly gave to individuals. “He didn’t blow a trumpet each time he gave someone some money,” Brown said.

Wadle Galleries, now at 128 W. Palace Ave., plans to stay open for the immediate future. But it has advertised an “End of the Trail Sale” for more than a year. Its website says the gallery “is now facing the reality of nearing the end of a long, delightful and successful business existence.”

In addition to his wife Alice of Santa Fe and Scottsdale, Wadle is survived by his daughter Betsy Wadle and granddaughter Anastasia Trinidad, both of St. Louis, a niece and two nephews.

Funeral services are pending. Gifts in his memory may be made to the Circle of Care, Santa Fe Community Foundation


128 West Palace Avenue
Santa Fe, NM 87501
Phone: 505-983-9219
Mon-Sat 9:30-5pm

Fine representational painting • Bronze sculpture • Pueblo and designer jewelry
Traditional and contemporary pottery • Stone and clay sculpture
American and Hispanic folk art • Art Furniture


"I learned of this incredible gallery by chance. I found a gorgeous bronze sculpture in my wife's parents' estate and was told it was acquired on one of their trips to New Mexico. After some research online, a friend possibly located both the artist and the gallery. The information he discovered seemed to align with the stories we remembered about this item. Although we are not completely certain we believe the artist is Sherry Sanders and the item was purchased from Wadle Galleries in the late 1980s." Kindred Meyers.


The offerings are enhanced by the warm and inviting ambiance of the gallery and the personal charm, knowledge and ethics of a highly professional staff.

Equal care goes into the art and artists selected. The primary factors in the selection process are quality and reasonable pricing.

Wadle Galleries is the essence of the Santa Fe soul: warmth, vitality and a deep respect for area cultures and the creativity of its people.

The quality of the art offerings, the extraordinary setting and the graciousness of the staff will make a visit to Wadle Galleries a unique and long-remembered experience.


This important gallery offered a diverse range of high quality representational art
in a pleasant, calm atmosphere.

Some Observations:
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In addition, I have spent a lot of time looking at other online galleries. I came across KNOX Galleries during my research, and it turns out that Dan Garrett, an artist originally represent at the Wadle Galleries, is now represented here. I was excited to see his current work. I can't say I am impressed by the site's platform: Artist Websites by Fine Art World. It seems dated and old particularly for a site that is show casing artwork. Supposedly Fine Art World provides artists and galleries with easy-to-use eccomerce websites and powerful marketing tools. However, I found issues on the biography page for instance of Dan Garrett that were distracting- sentence breaks for instance. His sculptures, however, are as stunning as ever, but, unfortunately only 4 were shown for his work.

The site that we are building for my friend is going to be more contemporary in feel with large high quality images. Let the artist's work shine, is my mantra.

Artists Represented

Tony Jr Aguilar
Wayne Aguilar
John Asaro
Joe Jr Ben
Don Briddell
Irby Brown
Joe Jr Cajero
Nancy Chaboun
William M Jr Churchill
Sandi Clark
Joseph Coriz
Orlando Crespin
Doug Diehl
Susan Diehl
Paula J Dimit
Walter Doran
Dennis Eaglehorse
Fremont F Ellis
James Fendenheim
Steve Forbis
Cliff Fragua
Virginia Garcia
Dan Garrett
Hugh Greer
Roy Grinnell
Edna Hibel

Peter Hurd
Oreland Joe
Walt Johnston
Jennifer Juan
Ramon Kelley
James Kramer
Steve LaSalle
Carolyn Lindsey
Diane Lucero
Mary Lucero
Alma Concha Maestas
Duane Maktima
Alvin Marshall
Christine McHorse
David Merrill
Patrick Ohlinger
Tom Palmore
Lonn Parker
Leonard Paul
Robert Pummill
Pablo Quintana
Don Ricks
Sherry S Sander
Geraldine Sandia
William Schultz

Steve Scott
Don Seegmiller
Alice Warder Seely
Stella Shutiva
Laurence Sisson
Geraint Smith
Kirk Smith
Shirley Thomson Smith
Ross Stefan
Sticks Art Furniture
Dave Stout
Mary/Everett Teller
John Tollardo
Anita Toya
Orville Tsinnie
Harold Von Schmidt
Kimbal Warren
Hank/Olivia Whitethorne
Carol Whitney
Walt Wooten
Larry Yazzie
Alvin Yellowhorse
Bryon Yellowhorse
Veronica Yellowhorse




Dan Garrett
Long recognized for superb renderings of Native Americans, sculptor Dan Garrett's bronze sculptures are the product of years of study to assure historical accuracy.
Price Range $1600 - $2800

121/2" x 9" x 10"

Akicita - The Messenger
26" x 14" x 4"


Walt Doran
Walt Doran is a native Santa Fean considered by most collectors to rank among the very finest silversmiths.  He is a master of design and has attained national recognition for his uniquely crafted overlay jewelry.
Price Range $150.00 - $4,500.00


Sterling Silver & Turquoise Pin


Candlesticks, Goblets, Ciborium


Paula Dimit
Paula Dimit is a wood carver; her sculptures possess charm and personalities.  Created with craft and love, the resulting works leap into the hearts of collectors.  Each piece is named and only becomes available to the gallery after residing with Dimit and being prepared for a departure to the outside world.
Price Range $140.00 - $789.00


Big Mama & Babies
Wood Carving
21" x 17" x 10.5"


Joe Ben Jr
Joe Ben, Jr. has long been recognized as the finest of the traditional Navajo sand painters. His offerings are highly spiritual and very finely crafted from hand prepared natural materials. Although he is considered the best at his craft, his pricing remains very reasonable.     
Price Range:  575.00 - 2,400.00

Sand Buffalo Never Dies
26.5" x 30"

White & Yellow Corn Harvest
23.5" x 9"


Sherry S. Sander
Sherry Sander has for many years ranked among the nations leading wildlife bronze sculpture artists. She has been widely collected and is a member of many prominent nationally recognized sculpture and art organizations. Her subjects range from North America to Africa and the impressionistic quality of he sculptures render a quality rarely seen in bronzes. Accolades have been many and she is truly one of the treasures among artists portraying wildlife.
Range $1300.00 - $7200.00

Up Spring Creek Canyon
Bronze Ed. of 35
26" x 32" x 12"

The Honey Tree
Bronze Edition of 35
16" x 10" x 7"


William Churchill
Wood sculptor and expert in understanding the characteristics of wood,  Churchill has been recognized as a true master.  He offers a wide array of subjects ranging from the animal kingdom to Native American figures and the American West.  A frequent award winner, Churchill continues to labor to create wood sculptures that rank among the very best.
Price Range $2900.00 - $5900.00

Mahogany & Jelutong
18" x 28" x 8"



Cold North Wind
23" x 19" x 17"


Sticks is an organization of artists creating what is considered by many collectors to be the finest art furniture available.  Every piece is an original and is the product of the creative imagination of Sticks founder, Sarah Grant Hutchison, and her hand selected design team.  She has remained unwavering in her commitment to produce the highest quality pieces of art in the marketplace.
The imagery shown here is only a sampling of the highly ingenious creations of the sticks team of artists.
Price Range: $95.00 - 6,950.00


A master stone carver and sculptor, Oreland Joe is heralded as
one of Native America's most important and competent artists.  He was selected as the first Native American member of the Cowboy Artists of America and has garnered many accolades in his ascension from humble beginnings to a position of national prominence.
Price Range:  $2,500.00 - $30,000.00


Winds of the Night Chant
Tennessee Marble
52" x 12" x 25"

New Life
Utah Alabaster
13" x 12" x 20"


Don Briddell
A wood carver of superb ability,  Don Briddell learned his craft from the Ward Brothers, the grand old masters of bird carving.  A frequent prize winner at major shows, Don has the ability to combine fine painting with fine carving.  His works are true masterpieces.
Price Range: $3,000.00 - 14,500.00

Home Sweet Home
26" x 31" x 7"

Sandi Clark
Sandi is essentially a bronze figurative sculptor of significant capability offering works from table top to heroic sizes. She also produces a charming collection of animal works. She has been awarded numerous commissions for major works in public places. Sandi’s primary emphasis is children and her works are charming, nicely detailed and often nostalgic. Her works are treasured for both indoor and outdoor settings.
Price Range $300.00 - $30,000.00

Firefly Magic
Ed of 45
38" x 20" x 20"


Ed. of 45
27" x 16" x 24"


Larry Yazzie
Highly regarded Navajo sculptor working in stone and bronze, Larry Yazzie is a featured Santa Fe Indian Market artist and prize winner.  His unique contemporary interpretations have gained him a loyal following among collectors of Native American art.
Price Range $2800 - $5800


Utah Alabaster 
27.5" x 13" x 7"

Between the Far Sacred Mountains
19.5" x 10" x 8"
Ed. of 24



Alice Warder Seely
Price Range: $850 - 1,100



Deer Dancer Mask
20" x 17"




Fertility Mask "Harmony"
30" x 16"

18" x 24"

Lizard Sun Mask
17" x 15"